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Race, Roots & Resistance

The Race, Roots & Resistance group is a democratic collective of staff, students, and community members dedicated to the critical study of race and its impact on the lived experiences of people across temporal and spatial boundaries. We are a multidisciplinary group with broad specialisations in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.

The group's broad intellectual and programmatic interests include:

  • Understanding the social, economic, political and cultural legacies of slavery, colonialism, and apartheid in the societies in which we live and work.

  • Examining the ways in which People of Colour have thought about their experience of racial oppression and their agency to transform societies, cultures, and ideas.​

  • Documenting the approaches that People of Colour have employed to resist and transform racial regimes, including the formation of cultural and political movements.

  • Developing new approaches to the study of race through engagement with Critical Race Theory and feminist, queer and indigeneous methodologies.

  • Promoting inclusive learning environments in which students of all identities and backgrounds can thrive through meaningful engagement with the fields of multicultural education and culturally responsive pedagogy.

  • Supporting a new generation of diverse undergraduate and postgraduate students to undertake critical research and professional activities in related areas.

  • Developing collaborative grant bids to fund race-related research, study, service-learning, and work placements.

  • Fostering a 'scholar-activist' mission in which research and teaching is oriented toward solving problems and empowering communities.

The Race, Roots & Resistance Collective meets regularly throughout the academic year to share research findings and host public events to foster wider community awareness and understanding.

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