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  • Kerry Pimblott

R3 Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium - 1 June 2021

The Race, Roots & Resistance Collective is hosting an annual undergraduate research symposium to spotlight new research undertaken by students in History and related joint honours programmes.

This event has a dual focus on supporting a new generation of multi-ethnic researchers and advancing cutting-edge research on histories of race, racism and anti-racism. Accordingly, submissions are encouraged from students of colour on any research topic and from all historians engaged in critical race-related projects. We welcome a variety of submissions including individual paper presentations, roundtable discussions, and group presentations. We are particularly interested in spotlighting the findings of new Independent Research Projects (Level 2) and Undergraduate Dissertations (Level 3) as well as innovative assessments conducted at all levels.

Symposium Programme for AY2020/21

1pm-1:05pm Introductions and Welcome (Dr Kerry Pimblott and Dr Jesús Chairez-Garza)

1:05-1:50pm Panel 1: African Diaspora Art and Literary Cultures in Britain and US

1:05-1:15pm – Tom Ramsden, 'Black Words on White Paper: (Extra)textual influences in the works of Jupiter Hammon, America's First Black Writer'

1:15-1:25pm – Philip Brady, ‘Leveling the Earth: Eldridge Cleaver, The Black Panther Party, and Black Revolutionary Masculinity’

1:25-1:35pm - Hannah Simpson, ‘In the Shadow of Whiteness? Black Arts and Community in the 1970s and 1980s’

1:35-1:45pm – Q&A

1:45-2:30pm Panel 2: African and African Diaspora Social Movements in the C20th

1:45-1:55pm – Nicola Miles, 'How Did Colourism and Intraracial Discrimination Cause Tensions Between Early 20th century Pan-Africanist Leaders, W.E.B. Du Bois and Marcus Garvey?'

1:55-2:05pm – Celine Enos, ‘From Jane Crow to #SayHerName: An Intersectional Analysis in Relation to Violence Against Southern African American Women, 1911-2020.’

2:05-2:15pm – Keith Asante, ‘The Importance of Nkrumah’s Ghana in the History of the Struggle for the Epistemic Liberation of the Black Race’.

2:15-2:25pm – Q&A

2:25-2:35pm – Comfort break

2:35-3:15pm Panel 3: New Perspectives on Race, Gender and Colonialism

2:35-2:45pm – Amber Barrow, 'A Feminist Manifesto: Critically Evaluating Ifi Amadiume's Matriarchal Paradigm.'

2:45-2:55pm – Shivaya Prasad, ‘The Stolen Generations’ in the History Wars: Race, Resistance and Reconciliation in Australia’

2:55-3:05pm – Simrun Nijjar, ‘Calidad in Colonial Latin America’

3:05-3:15pm – Q&A

3:15-4:00pm Special Roundtable on Pipelines to Postgraduate Study

Featuring: Jessica White (PGR), Hana Ward (PGT), and Xavier Banson (MA Graduate)



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