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  • Kerry Pimblott

R3 Undergrad Research Symposium - 3 June 2019

On June 3, 2019, we hosted the 'Histories of Race, Roots & Resistance Undergraduate Research Symposium' at the University of Manchester.

This event was co-chaired by Dr Jesús Chairez-Garza and Dr Kerry Pimblott and spotlighted critical race-related research undertaken by students in the History Department's graduating class of 2018/19.

Our first panel was titled, 'Black Internationalism and Pan-Africanism in the C20th,' and featured papers on sites of struggle across the African diaspora.

First up was Tariq Chastanet-Hird presenting findings from his dissertation, 'Padmore and Pan-Africanism: Political Imaginations in post-war Anglophone Africa,' supervised by Dr Steven Pierce.

This was followed by Callum Jackson's paper on the 1945 Manchester Pan-African Conference supervised by Dr Pimblott.

Tariq Chastanet-Hird and Callum Jackson present their findings on African diaspora activism

The second panel focused on African and Asian Diaspora culture and politics in the United Kingdom and featured presentations by Hana Ward and Siena Singh.

Hana Ward and Siena Singh present on African and Asian diaspora culture and identity in C20th Britain

Hana Ward presented on her dissertation,' Black Women's Activism and Identity in Britain, 1960-1985,' supervised by Dr Pimblott. Siena Singh delivered a paper on her dissertation, 'The Criminalisation of the Diaspora: South Asians, the Media, and Popular Culture in Britain, 1976-1999,' supervised by Dr Chairez-Garza.

Please join us in congratulating the next generation of young historians on some stellar dissertation projects!



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