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  • Kerry Pimblott

Work-in-Progress Seminary

In December 2018, we will be launching the Race, Roots & Resistance (R3) Work-in-Progress Seminar. This group will be open to all staff, independent/community scholars, and postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students interested in the critical study of race.

Our central aim is to provide a safe and critical space to present our works-in-progress in order to advance healthy intellectual community and scholarly excellence.

The seminar will meet regularly during term time with each session focusing on a single pre-circulated work-in-progress submitted for review by a seminar participant. Due to the diverse and multidisciplinary nature of the R3 Collective, the concept of 'work-in-progress' should be broadly construed and might include conference papers, dissertation or book chapters, article drafts, visual media, and other creative works. All seminar participants agree to read/view the work-in-progress prior to the seminar and come prepared to offer constructive feedback and responses. The intensive nature of this labor necessitates a deliberate commitment from seminar members.

We are particularly interested in building an intellectual community that challenges traditional boundaries rooted in rank, career-stage, or position within/outside universities. With that in mind, we strongly encourage submissions of work-in-progress from postgraduate and undergraduate researchers, early-career academics, and community/independent scholars.

If you would be interested in participating in the R3 Work-in-Progress Seminar please email Dr Kerry Pimblott (



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